Blacklisted Online Casinos

When players make the decision to begin gambling online, the first thing they need to do is find a site that is reliable, respected within the industry and offers fair and honest casino games and services. There are hundreds of casinos operating online, but not all are equal. There are sites that are blacklisted, which means they do not meet industry standards, have issues regarding payments to players or other problems that can impede on the gambling experience. By learning about blacklisted online casinos, players can choose sites that will provide for a positive experience and avoid those that are known to have problems and may not even be operating legally.

There are some online casinos that continue to receive player complaints, yet they also continue to operate. This is because a number of players do not take the time to do research before choosing an online casino. By simply taking some time to review casino sites and learn which are blacklisted, players can choose one that will meet their needs, offer prompt payments, provide exceptional customer service and offer fair games that will be enjoyable to play for real money. There are many reasons for a single casino site to be blacklisted and with this knowledge, players will know exactly what to look for when they are comparing sites and making decisions on where to play real money casino games online.

Main Reasons for Blacklisted Casinos

There are many reasons why a casino site may be on the blacklist, but there are six common reasons that players will encounter. By consulting reliable lists of blacklisted casino sites, players can avoid many problems that can cause serious issues in the long run. Those players who have a problem with an online casino should first try to resolve the issue with the casino site. If necessary, additional assistance can be obtained from various organisations like eCOGRA. This organisation will deal with any online casino that bears their seal of approval, but there are other organisations that will help players resolve disputes as well.

The major reasons for any single online casino to appear on the blacklist include:

  • Players not receiving winnings that have been generated and requested as a withdrawal.
  • Winnings are not paid in a timely manner, many taking weeks or months.
  • The casino provides unfair odds to the player.
  • Personal and financial information has been used in ways that jeopardise the safety of the player.
  • The online casino is known to ignore complaints filed by players.
  • The terms and conditions stated at the casino site are not followed or are simply not available to the player.

Players and Winnings

The major problems with blacklisted online casinos are that they do not pay players or severely delay the payments. There are some cases where not paying put winnings is justified, such as when the player breaks the rules of the casino, the gambling laws or has used false information when they registered their account. However, most online casinos should offer fast and easy payments when players request a withdrawal from their account. If players have followed all rules and are refused a payment, this is indicative of a blacklisted casino site.

There are some different reasons why a casino may stall the issuance of a payment to a player. There could be technical problems, but the casino should make players aware of this issue in advance. It is also possible for a payout to be delayed because the casino has to check and verify the winnings. However, trusted sites will avoid the delay of any payment and if the casino does delay offering payouts, players can file a complaint. These two issues regarding winnings are the main reasons why a casino will become blacklisted.

Misuse of Personal Information

One of the main concerns of any online gambler is the protection of their personal and financial information. Online casinos that ensure safety will always use secure encryption software and the best casinos will be certified. However, it is not always possible to know this in advance and there have been cases where the online casino has misused player information. This is a serious issue and leads to much distrust on the behalf of the player. If there has been any breach of trust in regards to personal information, players should immediately file a complaint and seek assistance from other organisations to resolve the issue. They should also immediately stop playing any real money game at that particular online casino.

Complaints Being Ignored?

One of the easiest ways for a player to spot a blacklisted or rogue casino is by contacting customer support with a minor complaint. Blacklisted casinos are known to ignore complaints and queries submitted by players. When a casino is operating legally and ethically, it will always offer customer support services that will provide assistance to any player. If players come across a site that is hesitant to respond to complaints or simply ignores them, this is a key sign that the site may be blacklisted.

Avoiding Problems

The best way for players to remain safe when gambling online is to refer to lists of blacklisted online casinos, make sure to follow the top rated watchdog sites for this reason. While some of the sites that are listed do still have a positive reputation, there may be some minor problems that can affect a player’s experience. Some online casinos are blacklisted because of their treatment of affiliates, which really has nothing to do with individual players. However, it is always best to avoid any online casino that has been, or is currently blacklisted.

Players need to take time in comparing different sites so that they always choose those that are operating with the best interest of the player in mind. Online gambling should be a positive experience and players should know that their information is always well protected and that the site will honour withdrawal requests and will handle any complaints that are made in regards to a playing experience or an issue regarding payments. Look for well built and trustworthy online casinos such as dunder casino for a top quality experience without any issues.