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October 22, 2018

The online casino industry is at a all time high and operators are offering new and exciting deals, promotions and features on a weekly basis.

If you’ve played at any online casino, you surely noticed that things change often. The reason for this is that online casinos want to keep you entertained.

If you don’t want to miss out on any of the exciting opportunities offered, you should take some time to stay up to date with online casino news.


The great thing about online casinos is the bonuses offered. It comes in many different shapes and sizes and is offered daily. If you stay up to date with online casino news, you will know which casinos offer the best packages and this will give you a fair advantage.

Sign-up bonuses, match bonuses, free money bonuses and re-load bonuses are typically the ones that will be offered but one operator might offer you 10 free spins while a other operator will offer you 200 free spins. If you don’t follow the news, you can possibly miss out on 190 free spins.


It is a fast paced market in which new games and features are being released often. When operators launch a new game, you want to be the first to try it out. New games and bonus offers generally go hand in hand, which will give you the opportunity to win more moolah while playing for free.

If you’ve never heard about the new re-spins feature offered on selected slots, you’ve obviously not followed the news. This feature allows you to spin one or more reels at a time.

So if you had the desired symbols on reels 1, 3, 4 and 5 and a different symbol on reel 2, you will be able to spin only reel 2, which will give you that extra opportunity to hit the big jackpot.

You will also be updated about progressive slots and the amounts that can be won which, at the end of the day, is what any online casino enthusiast hopes for.

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Casino news and campaigns

Online casino trends

September 1, 2018

For many years now online casinos have become known as the trendsetter of gaming and technology. Thanks to their stiff competition, innovation and developments are constantly a number one priority for major operators. These 2018 online casino trends are just some of what the gaming industry has in store for their millions of fans.

Skill Gaming

Casinos have been looking at the video game industry and realized that the number of gamers who enjoy skill-based games is on the increase. They used this data to come up with a range of new games which, like poker, are heavily dependent on a player’s skill, rather than just luck. These new games, which will include slots, will be targeting new online casino players.

Blockchain And Cryptocurrency

Much has been said about the speculative prices of cryptocurrency, but behind the scenes, there has been a great development in terms of using these digital coins to improve the gaming experience. Blockchain technology is already being utilized today, through the use of smart contracts, which help make games more secure and fair. Similarly, the use of cryptocurrencies has allowed charges for deposit and withdrawals to be all but eliminated.

Virtual Reality

In tandem with the video game industry, online casinos have seen the potential that VR offers in terms of realism and excitement. With a growing popularity of live games, VR will provide an in-game experience like no other. Thanks to the decreasing cost of VR equipment it is not difficult to see that in the near future many players will have a VR headset at home. By putting it on, they will immediately find themselves sitting down in front of their favorite slot machine or at the blackjack table with their friends to their sides.

Increased Gamification

Casino players are well known for loving prizes and special bonuses as rewards for their performance. This concept will be pumped up further with the introduction of multiplayer challenges and leaderboard score sheets. The aim is to keep players playing whilst keeping them engaged and having fun.

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