Best Online Casino Watchdog Sites

With hundreds of operating online casinos in the industry, players may wonder how they can choose the site that offers the best gambling experience. Each player will have different needs and these may actually be based on their physical location instead of personal preferences. Since there are many sites that are available. Players will want to take their time in making a selection and may often refer to the sites that are listed by casino watchdog sites. Watchdog sites are those that oversee the operation of many different casinos sites and offer player reviews, important information on licensing and other valuable information that can help players make the right decisions in regards to where to play online.

A watchdog organisation is one that is designed to self-regulate the gambling industry online. There are a number of these organisations that are out there and by relying on the most popular, those with good track records, players will find reliable online casinos that will provide them with the positive experience they are seeking. Many online casinos will display a seal of approval from a Third Party Watchdog. These independent organisations and companies make it their primary goal to provide players with extra protection by carefully reviewing different sites. The watchdog organisations all have their own gambling standards and adhere to strict policies.

Watchdog sites are those that compile a list of recommended casino sites based on the watchdog affiliation. Some sites may focus on sites that are certified by eCOGRA, while others will have a list of many different online casinos that have proven to be safe, secure and reliable. Each watchdog site will offer independent reviews and will provide a wealth of player information. Watchdog Site

This is one of the more recent watchdog sites out there but that doesn’t take anything away from what they are trying to do. At you will find honest reviews of a lot of online casinos so that you can make an informed decision before signing up.

They are always very good on getting reviews of new games and casinos once they are released, and in some cases they even have game reviews posted ahead of the release date as they get to try them out before they are live to the general public.

The guys behind CasinoSafe are also open to resolve potential disputes that may arise between the operators and the players and you can use their contact form to get in touch with them if you have any problems with an online casino and they will initiate mediation with the site in question on your behalf.

CasinoMeister Watchdog Site

CasinoMeister is a watchdog site that was founded in 1998 by Brian Bailey. He realised at the time of founding the site that there were few governing principles in the online gambling industry and since there were a number of rogue casinos operating, Bailey decided to create a site that was dedicated to providing players with information on the best casinos operating. CasinoMeister was founded to encourage operators to establish some industry codes that would weed out rogue casinos, providing a better selection for real money players online. At, players will have access to solid information about casinos that will enable players to make smart choices.

The main task of CasinoMeister is to provide information and this is done in many ways. There is a FAQ page as well as multiple casino reviews that will provide endless info to players. There are also articles telling players how to find safe casino sites as well as covering casino bonus information and essential tips to become successful online players. At CasinoMeister, players will also be able to access a complete list of accredited online casinos as well as a list of rogue casinos that should always be avoided. To assist players, CasinoMeister also offers services that will help players recover any funds stolen by rogue casinos. This watchdog site has a fierce reputation and often interacts with the top operators in the industry to ensure that players always have the latest and most honest information about the leading casino sites.

AskGamblers Watchdog

AskGamblers is one of the most referenced gambling portals online and it is also a reliable watchdog site. Founded in 2006, is completely dedicated to providing players with the information they need when selecting the best operating online casinos. With reviews of more than 1000 sites, this watchdog offers information ranging from software to the latest blouses and covers all aspects of each gambling site listed. In addition to promoting trusted and reliable online casinos, AskGamblers also offers casino news articles, information on promotions and bonuses as well as a great forum where players can connect to share stories and experiences.

At AskGamblers, players will easily be able to navigate the site to find the information they are seeking. There is a complete section of online casino bonuses as well as coverage of the type of games that can be found and the software providers. There is also a useful support centre where players can submit complaints, visit the forum or contact AskGamblers directly.

By accessing the Complaints section, players can see what complaints have been resolved and which are still open as well as the casino where the problem has been encountered. This casino watchdog site is one of the most reliable and respected in the industry and is used by thousands of players who are looking for the best casino sites, best paying bonuses and safest casino experiences online.

The Pogg

Every new player will desire something different with an online casino and the best place to locate a reliable and trusted site is through a watchdog site such as The Pogg. Here, there are complete listings of the most trusted online casinos, which are all completely reviewed by experts and those that have played at the sites. One of the great things about choosing any online casino that is listed at The Pogg is that there is a guarantee that all deposits will be treated correctly.

The Pogg is a great resource for players from any location as casinos are divided by country. This means that US players can review and select only casino sites that cater to US players, while others can chose from those that cater to international players from around the world. All of the reviews are complete with software information, game details, customer support information and the latest bonus offers.

The Pogg was established in 2011 and makes use of an experienced team of players that act as mystery shoppers to review different casino sites. By using this process, can assure the most correct information and provides an accurate report on customer service, payout times and bonuses.

This site also has a great complaints process that will offer support if something should go wrong. Many disputes between a player and a casino is often due to lack of communication and at The Pogg, there is a neutral platform that is used to help with the resolution of these problems. This site is a great resource for new players and with a unique rating system, players can immediately see which sites are ranked as the best in the industry.