Whitelisted Online Casinos

With so many online casinos operating and thousands of players all over the world seeking out these sites, the reputation of an online casino plays a huge role in whether a player will select a site or pass it by. Online casinos are always competing to attract and retain players who visit on a regular basis and the best casinos in the industry will have amazing reputations and will be known to offer safe and secure services, great payment methods and fast payouts, trusted and reliable games with good odds, reliable customer service support and privacy policies to safeguard all player information. Having appositive reputation can lead to the success of any online casino, which is why many of the top choices are whitelisted casino sites, meaning that they meet industry standards and provide a safe way to enjoy trusted real money games for payouts.

The Whitelist of casinos is created to help players in the UK find trusted sites where they can gamble from home and enjoy great casino action. Whitelisted online casinos have been proven to be operating legally, offer safe and secure services and providing players with the best games possible, all with fair odds and payouts. Any player that is just starting out online will benefit from consulting the Whitelist when they are choosing a casino site. By choosing a whitelisted casino, players will be sure to enjoy games at a licensed and regulated online casino that always adheres to gambling laws to present the best environment for registered players.

What is the Whitelist?

When players are looking for the best online casinos operating, they often refer top the casino whitelist. This is a list of various jurisdictions that are licensed by the UK Gambling Commission. The sites that appear on this list are considered to be safe and secure online casinos that offer player protection, verified payouts, reliable games and good player odds. Online casinos that are listed on the whitelist are required to adhere to strict conditions regarding licensing and they must also adhere to the different codes of practice that are set forth by the Gambling Commission. While the whitelist is created to provide a list of reliable sites to UK players, many players from other locations globally also access this list when they are looking for the most secure and honest online gambling experience.

Why Casinos are Whitelisted

There are a variety of factors that are considered when comparing different online casinos and players have some great level of protection. Multiple organisations throughout the world are always watching the operating online casinos to ensure they are adhering to standards and laws. In order for a casino site to be whitelisted, it must meet certain requirements. To be included on a whitelist, a casino must:

  • Offer all gambling services in a fair and honest manner.
  • Ensure that gambling online is not a crime in the licensing jurisdiction.
  • Ensure that any form of online gambling is not being used to support any crime.
  • Make sure that all players are of legal age and that no vulnerable player or underage player is registered.
  • The operator of the casino will be subject to all rules regarding money laundering.

Being on a whitelist is the goal for most operating online casinos that wish to be successful in the industry. It can take a number of years for a newly established casino site to meet the criteria. In addition to single online casinos, it is also necessary for a licensing jurisdiction to appear on the whitelist. Any jurisdiction that does want to appear on this list will have to provide evidence that all of the gambling services and products that are being offered to players are fair. The jurisdiction will also have to provide that players can easily access game rules, will have the ability to claim their winnings promptly and can simply contact authorities to resolve any major disputes that may arise from the use of a gambling product being offered online.

Benefits of Whitelisted Casinos

Since players are looking for reliable casino games that offer great payouts, playing at a whitelisted casino is always recommended. There are many benefits that will be enjoyed by the player when they choose a site from this list. First, they will be assured that the casino is operating legally and that it is always adhering to local gambling laws to provide protection to players who are registered. Another great benefit is that the games that are supported at these casino sites are audited on a regular basis. This means that the random number generators are tested frequently and the payout percentages of all games are verified. If a casing cannot provide proof of fairness of the games through an audit, they are not allowed to be listed on the whitelist.

In regards to payments and processing, players will always benefit from playing at a whitelisted site. These online casinos are known to offer fast and secure payments and allow players to easily collect the winnings that have been generated. Any negative aspect that could affect how players enjoy games and receive payments will be noted and could result from the removal of the site from the list. Those choosing a whitelisted online casino will be sure that their deposits and withdrawals will be processed securely using state of the art software to protect all personal and financial information. These online casinos strive to present the most secure environment for players.

Choosing Whitelisted Casinos

There are number of sites that offer complete lists of these casinos as well as reviews that can help players choose a site. No matter where players select to play, choosing a whitelisted casino will result in a positive experience and will let players know that they will always enjoy legal gambling action at a site that ensures the protection of personal information, creating a secure environment where players can enjoy high quality casino games right from the comfort of their home.

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